Jean Shin
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Host, 2013

Polished nickel-plated stainless steel forks, knives, spoons welded and soldered onto stainless steel armatures
3 pieces: 110 in h 90 in w x 60 in d (tree)
68 in l x 20 in diameter (trunk)
30 in h x 8 ft w x 7 ft d (stump)
Commission by Montclair Art Museum in honor of the Museum Centennial, Montclair Art Museum, NJ

Fabricated from metal flatware donated by residents of Montclair area, Host takes form of a tree that has been severed into three parts: stump, trunk and branches. Using intimate, everyday objects from the home to generate this image of nature, Host speaks to resilience and vulnerability within the community. Flatware serves as metaphor for conceptions of “home” that are at once personal and universal.

Click here to view a short format film that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the installation Host.


Jean Shin: Host

Jean Shin: HostJean Shin: HostJean Shin: HostJean Shin: HostJean Shin: HostJean Shin: Host