Thank you to each of the following contributing participants for donating a
plate to this public art project.  Over a hundred families and staff at PS/IS
276 as well as members of the larger community of Battery Park City are
represented through their donated plates in Jean Shin’s Settings.

The artist is also grateful to Principal Terri Ruyter and the active parents at
the Friends of PS 276 Association for encouraging families in the school to
participate, through word of mouth, newsletters and website announcements.  
Battery Park City Authority and The Broadsheet Daily were also instrumental
in inviting residents and offices in the neighborhood to be a part of the project. 
Special thanks to Battery Park City Parks Conservancy and PS 276 for serving
as drop-off locations during the plate collection.

Much like the project itself, this blog was created with the intention of
allowing participants to share their stories.  You are invited to contribute
using the comment box located at the bottom of this page. Scroll down 
through the photographs of the donated plates, and share your thoughts.

Contributing Participants:

Sofia Acuna

Tomas Acuna

Griffin and Quinn Addison-Picciani, in honor of Elizabeth Davis Powles

Riya Agrawal




Ardrey Family

Anita Bartsch

Battery Park City Authority

Battery Park City Parks Conservancy

Bobby, Patrick and Kenny Baumann

Blaustein-Hamilton Family

Ivan and Sarah Brice

Linda, Krista, Bryan and Thomas Burns

Calvanese Family

Ann Calvanese-Callahan

Betty and Lou Cambra

Sarah, Peter and Zach Cassell

Cato August Chang

Greg William Caulfield

Chastain-Levy Family

Liana Chow

Wilfred, Estella, Daniel, Kevin and Brayden Chow

Church Street School for Music and Art

The City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for Art Program

Jill, Tom and Skyler Coffey

Gianna, Laena and Achille Contegiacomo

Nolan and Elliot Cyr

Boulos, Dee and Mikayla Dib

Melina and Jackie Driscoll

Daijin and Violet Dorsey-Reyes

Fahey Family

Jane M. Freeman

Neel, Vikas and Anu Garg

GateHouse Restaurant

Giselle Gendelman

Morton and Tobe Gerson

Linda Goodman

Rachel Goodman

Kathryn, David, Ava and Giulia Gordon

Jennifer M. Greene

Greenleaf Family

Yannick-Noah De Guchleneere

Monika Augusta Haberland

James C. Hardat

Betty Heller

Tessa Huxley

Rohin and Sunita Iyer

Genevieve Gacula, Hannah and Nikolai Katz

Kaufman Family

Kea Family

Jaemin Kim, Noah and Howard Goldwasser    

Adam, Jackie and Alex Kungl

Stacey, Mike, Anna and Lincoln Kurylo

Seong Hyeok Kwon

Almar, Abby, Maude and Merel Latour

Seyvik Magon

Gabriella Marino

Joe and Maggie Marino

Madison Marino

Sophia Marino

Betsy McClelland and Quinn Morgan-McClelland

Timothy McCormack

Maureen and Michael McGinn

Mariana Melzer

Chana and Kian Lee Mitty

The Moore Family

Zoe and Jamie Morrison

Katie Mullaney

Nanda Family

Tasha and Beth Natrella

Newman Family

Grace Novacheck Family

Aidan Ostermaier

Ruby, Lola and Fergus Mihok

Samantha Pastoressa

In Memory of Patricia Perrone

Bryan and Tracy Power-McCarter

Jean Shin, Brian and Tyler Ripel

Elisa de la Roche

Yuri de la Roche Fenelly

RSVP Architecture Studio

Terri Ruyter

Barbara Sahlman

Ursula Schlueter

Ana, Hayes, James, Margot, Santi, and Stella Slade

In Memory of Maurice Smalls

Greydon Cole Sanchez

Julie Horton Schoenmaker

Dashiell Eden Sigmond

Deborah, Jackson and Goldie Somerville-Robbins

Matias Talmasky

Tano Family

Mary and Paul Temple

Layla and Yasmeen Topiwalla

Marya Triandafellos

Vaknin Family

Sarah and John Vincent

Vitarelli Family

T.J. Westfall

Mike, Sabrina, Max and Alex Wiese

Ronni Witkin

Maddy Wyman

Simone Yanez

Yewon April Yi

7 Responses to “Participants”

  1. I was pleased to read this article, keep up the good work.

  2. Christine Fahey says:

    Great website – great design idea!
    Looking forward to seeing the installation this Fall.

  3. Mary and Paul Temple says:

    When Paul and I first visited New York City in 1989, I was still in art school in Arizona. We fell in love with the city, its energy and promise of fulfilled potential. We stayed with someone who was using their condo as a B & B (completely against the condo’s rules and regulations to be sure), right across the street from the Natural History Museum on 84th. Our host served us our breakfast on the most beautiful Italian dishes. The ceramics were a cheery yellow with a checkered pattern and had a hand-made feeling to them. To me they represented what New York promised–opportunites, worldliness, travel, and happiness. We moved to the city shortly after I finished graduate school in 1995, and a couple years later while in Chelsea with a visiting relative, we happened into a small ceramic shop in that specialized in Italian wares. The plate you see is here is from the setting that I selected that day for my own breakfast table. Using these dishes reminds me of those early days of hopes and aspirations and all that New York promises to those who hold dreams dear.

  4. Howard Goldwasser says:

    When Jaemin and I first became a couple, she was living in a small studio apartment in the back of a house in the Inner Sunset in San Francisco. In her (bare) kitchen cabinet, she had three dishes. Three (lonely) dishes. All of them the same: very big, very underutilized, and all with the same whimsical, vaguely Tuscan, vaguely Mexican floral pattern on their borders. This is one of them. It followed her (and therefore us) through the years: back to Brooklyn, to Tokyo, back to San Francisco, and then back to Brooklyn yet again. It met two cats and a boy, all of whom became part of our family, along the way. We know this dish, and it knows us . . . well. I am sure that it it could tell a lot of great stories, and divulge a lot of family secrets to you, if you speak dish.

  5. Stacy Horton says:

    Treats of Hagelslag, stroopwafels, and various delicious meals by Bill have been enjoyed for years on the Delft Blue hand-painted plate from Holland. Our cheerful, conversation piece plate was hand delivered from our favorite Dutch cousin, Saskia Appelman from Gouda. We thought it would be a lovely addition to “Settings”.
    It sat below many cherished conversations on 3 different dining room tables, but was most familiar and comfortable on my old wooden trunk of a coffee table… It represents something we hold dear, enjoying food at home with family and friends we love!
    Stacy Horton, Bill and Julie Schoenmaker

  6. Anonymous says:

    When my daughter Tasha and I moved to this neighborhood in 2008, after I had earlier lived here some years before, we were delighted with the sense of community, family and wonderful vibrancy of the parks and the Hudson River. We love to eat on our colorful Fiestaware and this turquoise plate is one of our favorite colors!

    Beth & Tasha Natrella

  7. Thomas Contegiacomo says:

    Our plate was purchased by my wife and I before we were married. It has witnessed our marriage, the birth of our 3 children and has accomodated many delicious meals all of which we are very greatfull for. Sincerely,

    The Contegiacomo Family

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