Settings is comprised of donated ceramic plates that will be permanently
installed into the cafeteria wall at PS/IS 276.  The project consists of
hundreds of ceramic plates set into four tile wall panels measuring
approximately 12.5’ to 15.5’ in length, and 5.5’ in height. The production
process consisted of collecting donated plates from the community,
designing digital layouts, and preparing full-scale, mock-up collages
using digital photographs.

Stacks of collected plates — numbered, labeled, photographed and ready
for fabricator.

Artist’s studio showing samples, mock-up panel, collage with digital
images of plates, digital layouts and collected plates.

Artist’s studio showing 1 out of 4 mock-up panels in full scale.

Digital layouts of art panels:

Panel A

Panel B

Panel C

Panel D

Cafeteria Elevation, rendering by RSVP Architecture Studio

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