The traditional brass key is currently prone to rapid foreseeable change. 
With an increase in new security technologies from keypads to optical
scans, the physical object of the key may face extinction in the near future. 
Nevertheless, keys are ingrained into our daily lives.  When grouped
together on a key chain, they become a portrait of their owner by
mapping a series of places to which s/he has access.  A single key chain
can provide entry to a broad spectrum of spaces from the domestic to
the professional.  Each key then signifies inclusion in a limited community
of trusted individuals.

From old, forgotten keys, the artist / architect collaborative team of Jean Shin
and Brian Ripel will produce a new, amplified landscape which the viewer
can inhabit.  The geometric specificity of the traditional key, with its ridges,
grooves and cuts, recalls the horizon of Scottsdale’s rocky landscape; when
silhouetted it produces a unique and striking topography.  The keys in this
project, stripped of their primary function, take on other qualities through
the viewer’s experience of the piece: curiosity, desire and nostalgia for
now-inaccessible places, or those which no longer exist.   

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